Sunday@thepub Info

logo_sunday_pub_new For more years than I care to remember now I have loved ‘pub culture’, I love its informality, its laid back nature, I love the characters that frequent such places and above all I think I’m a bit of beer snob! I love real ale.

It seems to me that gathering around food and drink is what it is to begin to experience community. I believe that is what Sunday@thepub is all about… it’s about trying to build community, and so as we build community we are able to share things about life and faith.
Sunday@thepub is organic and relational in its make-up and as we have met we have tried to keep that at its heart; but we have also developed intentional conversations, this has led us to chat and share together reflecting on lots of different issues, from faith to politics and everything in-between. As part of our weekly gatherings we post a reflection that we discuss each week and you will find this on this site and also on Facebook.
We meet each week in a different pub around the North East coast, we are currently meeting in the following venues
1st Sunday of the month – The Sportsman Preston Village.
2nd Sunday of the month – The Cumberland, Tynemouth.
3rd Sunday of the month – Cullercoats Crescent Club.
4th Sunday of the month – Red House Farm NE25 9XJ
5th Sunday of the month (when it doesn’t clash with bank holidays! – Curry evenings.
We meet at 8.00pm each Sunday night and try to wrap up conversation by 9.30.
We have also been away for a weekend away – check out the blog for more info on that
For more information use the contact form or check out the Sunday@thepub blog.


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