Month: June 2017

Summer solstice Wayfarer pilgrimage

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This last week on the longest day of the year we wandered around the Cobalt Business Park for our Wayfarer walk of about 3 miles. The reason we choose this venue is that on the top of the hill there is a large sun dial and you can view much of our locality and it gives a great view to watch the sun go down.


The Cobalt Business Park provided a few surprises, in the

midst of the office blocks and new industry as to how peaceful and tranquil it is, there is also a memorial to those who perished in the concentration camps under the hands of the Nazis, a stark reminder of our history and the uncertainty of our present times.


We saw Canada Geese and their young as well as a few ducks, nature found its home in the midst of work and

business. The walk took us around the whole site on the old railway lines and new found pathways. Some of us picked up litter as we went and we paused at the end to think about the longest day and ponder on the light and darkness that provides us with the rhythms of life and then we prayed for our community. And so we witnessed the sun go down below the clouds to lead us towards the start of summer giving way to autumn… although I’m in denial about that as I love the summer!

Peace, Rob