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Hi folks, this is really worth a read, powerful personal story about the situation in ‘The Jungle’ – Calais


There I was, fresh from middle class Britain, crouched in the back of a van: Doors shut, pitch black, surrounded by boxes. Huddled next to me in the darkness, Hamid, a Syrian refugee.

As the van picked up speed, jolting and rocking us to and fro, Hamid began to mutter a joke about how our journey was good practise for him: Learning to hide, to keep his balance. The laughter didn’t last long though as a distorted, pained expression began to stretch across his face. Hamid confronted me: “Do you know what it’s like to spend three full days hidden in a lorry, no food or water, scared and afraid?”

That was November 2015, ‘The Jungle’ – Calais, my first face-to-face experience of the refugee crisis engulfing Europe.

Moments earlier, Hamid had been helping me distribute sleeping bags to hundreds of others facing his situation: Mud drenched tents, freezing weather…

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