Month: June 2015

God and the beach

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Check out this weeks sunday@thepub and dchurch post!


10299512783_b29e7315ca_oLiving and working on the coast is just amazing, I can’t imagine living anywhere else now… unless it was somewhere that had a proper summer! Anyway I have been thinking a lot about the beach recently what with the sunday@thepub litter pick in my mind as well as beach art and other connexions.

I was digging about on the internet and reflecting and reading and came across a great little blog which you can see in full here. The interviewer asks Peter Kreeft who is a professor of philosophy in the States, What fascinates us about the sea? There are a few reasons on the blog that are interesting… but what about you?

I suppose for me there is something about its vastness that draws me to look at it and just marvel at its size… its depth… the mystery of it.

Kreeft also talks about something called “ORENDA”. It’s not…

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