Month: May 2015

Wild Curating: Iona

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So i came across this today from one of the guys who has often inspired me to do something ‘different’. This resonates so much with me as we try to think about spirituality on this our beautiful North East coast. We have already ‘played’ on the beach as we made some ‘sand art’ and we had an incredible Easter Sunday morning when we created an Easter Labyrinth. The burning and restlessness that these little projects creates in me seems to unsettle me and once again Ric has reminded me again to keep searching and looking for what God has in store next!

I ask for wonder

Who knows what goes on down in the deep recesses of the soul but now and then ideas bubble up from the depths. I can only assume that these emerge from a combination of circumstance and Spirit: a mixture of the place we are in, the people we are with and the state of our own being. Some of these ideas seem exciting for a moment but as I mull them over they fizzle out over hours or days and it turns out that they were just bright, shiny things with no real substance. But occasionally an idea takes root that just won’t let go. These are the ideas that haunt me at night with their scope and audacity, that burn like fire in my bones until I can’t keep it in any longer.

This is the beginning of the story of one of those ideas.


During the summer of…

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