Month: September 2014

Christmas Angels

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I am always looking for new ideas to connect faith with real life, so in the last few years we dreamt up Christmas Present – using ordinary people to take on the persona of some of the key characters in the nativity story. Pictures of Love – when we tried to discover the divine in the ordinary things. Since then we have had a few events in the Methodist Circuit that involved knitting! So this got my brain working and so Christmas Angels was born!


The idea is to knit small angels… lots of them! And then to leave them in the community for people to pick up, to leave or to throw away! The point is getting the angels out there! Attached to these angels will be a small gift card with a message of hope for Christmas, a hashtag for people to upload a photo and share it on social media, and the web address for Christmas Angels┬áto read some stories about the knitters and to discover what Christmas means to them.

If you’re a knitter, you can join in, all the information will be uploaded to the website in due course including the pattern. If you want to do it in your locality… then go for it! And don’t forget to hashtag your photos!

We thought long and hard about the hashtag and we have gone with #xmasangels; this we know will be difficult for people to understand but the point behind it is to subvert the Christmas experience for the everyday person who has removed Christ from the story… Our aim is to put Christ back into folks Christmas story and to help people see a bigger picture.

We also have a devotional which will be shared each week in advent… so watch this space!