Month: April 2014


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beachcomberFX crossAfter returning from our latest lent pilgrimage, we walked from Seaton Sluice to North Shields in the damp and fog… it sounds worse than it was! It was actually quite a beautiful experience, as we have a wandered over the last few weeks we have picked up various things, today we looked at various large stones that were resting in the sand. They had some lovely patterns on them, some were obviously fossils from times gone by and others had just been worn away by the sea and shaped by other stones washing up against them.

Each time we have walked the things we have seen have changed depending on what’s going on… the tide, weather, human activity etc. It’s always changing… It was a reminder that change is always around us, it’s part of life… each day is different, it brings its own joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations. As well as the change that goes on that we may not often see or notice, the kind of change that takes place as the sea washes over stones and as rock rubs against rock, subtle and gentle… but over time obvious.lentwalk2

It’s true that sometimes change can be very difficult to cope with, I believe though we must not be scared of change… I realise as I type this that it’s easier said than lent walk 1done! And for me over these last few years I have not handled change very well, and a little bit of me kicks myself for letting change get to me!

As I have thought about change and considered our various reflections that we focused on during our Lenten wanderer pilgrimage that actually these 40 days were a huge turning point for Jesus and maybe he was changed through it, changed to focus on his journey.

  I pray that I may be able to focus and follow on the journey that God has marked out for me, with all its change… and I pray this for us all.

what you ask of my life seems so right.
It is how I want to live,
following your Son, Jesus, so closely.
And yet I fail so often to stay on that path.
I cannot do it alone, loving Lord.
I need your help and guidance.
I need to remember your love for me
and I want to remember
how very much I need you in my life.